Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023 by BCCI: How Will It Affect?

BCCI has introduced a new rule in IPL 2023 called the Impact Player Rule that will allow teams to change one player from their starting XI at any time during the match. The player who comes in as a replacement can bat and bowl their full number of overs. However, only a total of 11 batsmen can bat during the innings.

The BCCI started this innovation to make the proceedings more interesting. The impact player rule was previously trialed in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy, which is India’s domestic tournament in the shortest format of the game.

Impact Player Rule IPL 2023

The rules used in that tournament were different from the ones used for the impact player in IPL 2023. To use the impact player, teams must name five substitute players after the toss, and only one of them can be designated as the impact player.

Each team in the IPL has between 18 to 24 players, and among them, 16 players including the starting XI, must be named. The remaining players cannot be included as an impact player if they are not named in the list of substitutes.

Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023 by a Batting Team

If a team is batting first and experiences a collapse, they can introduce an impact player as an extra batter in the line-up. In this scenario, one of the lower-order players, such as a number 11 batter, will not bat. However, if a team is chasing, they can replace the bowler with the least credentials with the bat with an impact player who is a batter. This allows the team to have an extra batting option.

Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023 by a Bowling Team

When a bowling team brings in an impact player, he will be allowed to bowl his quota of four overs. For example, if a team has used four overs of their bowler in the powerplay, they can introduce one more bowler as an impact player, and he can also bowl his quota of four overs.

Can an Impact Player be Non-Indian and Overseas?

If a team names four overseas players in their playing XI, they will not be allowed to play an overseas cricketer as an impact player. However, if a team has three or lower overseas cricket players in their playing XI, they will be allowed to introduce a foreign cricketer as an impact player. The impact overseas player will have to be among the five substitutes named at the toss.

What Happens to the Replaced Player?

The player who has been changed by the main impact player will not be allowed to play any further role in the match. The replaced player cannot even come on the field as a substitute fielder once he is replaced in the game.

Substitution in Case of Concussion

If the impact player suffers a concussion, the team will be allowed to bring in a concussion substitute. In this situation, though, the rules say that the person can only be replaced by a similar player.

Impact Players and Bowlers

Interestingly, a bowler who comes in as an impact player in the middle of an over will not be able to finish the over. The impact player, in this case, can only bowl the next over at the earliest.

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The Impact Player rule adds an element of surprise and it will add more excitement to the IPL match. A team can introduce an impact player to strengthen their batting or bowling, depending on the situation. However, the rules regarding the introduction of an impact player are strict and must be followed carefully. This article will help you a better understanding of the Impact Player rule in the IPL.

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